Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why I am a Slacker....

Aloha, I know I have been slacking on my blogging so far in May. BUT, I have a few reasons for this and I want to explain......#1. I think I broke my small Nikon camera. I still have my larger Nikon D50 but it does not fit conveniently in my purse like my smaller Nikon. Hence, I don't have my camera on me at all times like the last few months. I'm going to send my camera in for repair soon ( I got sand in it ) so until then, I will be taking pics with the larger one. I like to blog with pictures (obviously) so this is a huge reason for my lack of entries lately. #2. My boss blocked EVERYTHING from the Internet at work ( including ) I'm the director of a Fine Art Gallery ( aka- The Boss Lady ) but I don't own the place so I get no say on this. Unfortunately, some of my staff was abusing the gallery PC.... like watching movies.... hahaha! (I'm sorry but it has been really sloooowwww these days so I can hardly blame them ) but now we all are paying for it. So, I can only blog at home. #3. I've been purposely eating dairy and heavier cooked foods for the last 2 weeks for an experiment. I really wanted to see if it changed how I've been feeling. I had been eating high raw vegan for most of the month of April and I was feeling really good. So, to shake things up I went back to my old diet to see if I noticed a change. Well, I did and I have lots to report about it. I've decided that not only is going vegan a must so is high raw. I plan to revert back to my April diet this Monday and I'm pretty stoked about it! I'll will write a post soon about the experience.....To be continued xoxo

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