Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's In My Pantry?

I'm big on having "staples" in the kitchen. I think that a lack of ingredients on hand is the #1 problem people run into when it comes to cooking at home. I make a point at least once a week to take a quick inventory of my pantry, refrigerator and freezer before I go on a big grocery trip ( usually on Sundays ).
First of all, I love Mason Jars for storing things like dried fruit, nuts, lentils and grains। I also, recycle my spice, salsa and pasta sauce jars so I have an abundance of sizes. Having clear jars in your pantry and fridge make life a lot easier. Secondly, I love the bulk sections in health food stores. This is usually where I get my quinoa, rice, dried fruits, nuts etc.
So, here's my list ( Pantry )... name brands excluded ( but all organic ). I do prefer some brands over others and if anyone is interested I would love to share:-)
White kidney beans
Garbanzo beans
Black beans
Pinto beans
Chopped tomatoes
Pumpkin puree
Hearts of Palm ( my man LOVES these! )
Vegan Greek Dolmas
Jasmine Rice
Sushi Rice
Green French Lentils
Cous Cous ( I love the Israeli "pearl" version too! But hard to find on Maui )
Rice paper wrappers
Blue Corn tortilla chips
A few different types of Pasta ( Penne and Linguine is my fave )
Nori sheets
Red Curry Paste
Red Pasta Sauce
Olives ( usually kalamata )
Miso ( mellow yellow...put in fridge once opened )
NUTS ( usually store in Fridge because they can go rancid fast)
RAW cashews
RAW almonds
Macadamia nuts or Pine nuts
RAW Almond Butter ( This is $$$ )
Peanut Butter ( I always buy unsweetened but I stir in my own local honey! YUM!! )
Black and White Sesame
Hemp ( usually in fridge )
Flax ( dark and golden )
DRIED FRUIT ** try and buy unsweetened/unsufferated
Golden raisins ( Saltanas )
Mangoes ( these make an awesome snack )
Local Hawaiian RAW honey
Manuka Honey ( for my staph infections ) This is $$$
Vanilla extract
Peppermint extract
Vegan Bouillon cubes

Dulse Granules
RAW Cacao Powder
Dried Coconut flakes
Panko flakes ( instead of bread crumbs )
Lacuma Powder
Rice Wine Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar
White Wine Vinegar
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Reduce Balsamic Vinegar ( like a syrup )
Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cumin, Whole Nutmeg, Curry, Cloves, Coriander, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Saffron, Madras Curry and Fennel
Chili Pepper Flakes
Habenero Pepper flakes
Diablo Chile Pepper flakes
Chipolte Pepper flakes
Black and white Pepper Corns ( in a grinder )
Peppermint, Chai and Lemongrass Lavender Teas
GOOD Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( This can be $$$ but it's always worth it )
White Truffle Oil ( I usually grab a bottle when I'm in California )
Dark Sesame Oil
Canola Oil ( when I'm making Asian food )
RAW Coconut Butter ( This can be $$$ )
This is a very important category for me.......I love it and these are my "must haves"
Cypress ( BIG flakes! Great on crostinis and heirloom tomatoes )
Murray Valley ( light peachy pink salt from favorite salt ever )
Red Sea Salt ( Alea ) from Maui ( sea salt mixed with our famous red dirt )
Black Kilauea salt from the Big Island ( smoky )
"Big Tree" Salt ( Big Tree is a brand- hollow triangular salt from Bali )
Smoky Cinnamon Sea Salt from Dean and Deluca
Black Sanchel Sea Salt ( sort of sulfuric/eggy flavor) Also know as Black Salt ( used a lot in Indian cooking )
Maldon Salt ( perfect all around flaky salt )

Fleur De Sel ( because no salt collection is complete without )
Okay, I think that covers the pantry ( don't worry, it's the biggest section ). I will post my Freezer and Fridge later.
Now... I have a lot of extra "things" that are not necessary ingredients. I love hot spices, vinegars and salts so I have several different options on hand. This might not be that important to you so obviously there is no need. However, every well stocked pantry has a little bit of everything so try and search out the best. It's really worth it. I promise :-)


  1. Okay, very interested...just wouldn't know what to do with half of the ingredients. I seem to get caught in the fast bread turkey lettuce type of food...not super heavy on junk, just not enough fruit and vege variety...Did you see Dr. Oz's Centurian (people who live past 100) show on Oprah? I actually bought some books an will eat soy and nuts etc, but get caught in missing turkey, chicken, and fish. How do you make that jump? I love information, so I find the idea intriguing.

  2. Hi Mel, I stopped eating flesh back when I was 13 so I really don't miss it. The only thing that I remember that seemed hard to give up was chicken b/c it was so easy to use.
    I've heard a bit about Dr. OZ but I have not watched TV in 3 yrs so I'm a bit out of the loop. However, Check out the books on the Okinawan Diet. Okinawa has more centarians than any place in the world. I'm thinking Dr. OZ's recommendations follow that 25 yr study. Also read Skinny Bitch if you haven't already. It's full of crass talk but those girls are dead on! xo