Thursday, May 14, 2009

Starting to Consider Running Again!

First I want to say that I want to apologize for my lack of pictures ( bad bad blogger ) but hopefully that will change VERY soon. Secondly, I also want to comment that I am suffering from what seems to be a nagging head cold. I've been sneezing profusely and I've a had a nasty sinus headache for about two days now. It might be allergies but who cares...I still feel like crap.

Anyways, what I really want to mention is this....I'm thinking I might want to take up running again. I've been making such a point of "not" going to the gym these days and finding outdoor alternatives. So, I'm thinking that running would be an awesome compliment to my surfing/paddling and SUP boarding routine.

I NEVER liked running. In fact running for 5 min straight seemed very challenging to me at one point. Then, ( about 4 yrs ago ) I decided that I wanted to give it a go to see if I could do it for REAL. Maui has a huge marathon every September and I had decided that I wanted to try for the half marathon ( 13 miles ) So about 8 mos prior to September I started "training". By June I was running about 25 miles a week! I couldn't believe it!! I was also eating pretty high RAW vegan and feeling awesome. I even gained about 6 lbs as well ( topped out at 114lbs ) Crazy! Then, I did the dumbest thing....I broke 2 of my toes :-( !!! I stubbed my house....running for the phone....WTF:-( This was the end of my running career......

Well, here I am....a few years older now and thinking i want to give it a go again. It's so funny, every time I get sick I tend to think about exercise. It's like I can't wait to feel better so I can start again. I have to new Stand Up Paddle board has been a God send. I am so happy I finally decided to make that purchase! It's amazing that in just 4 short weeks I'm seeing such a difference in my body! My shoulders and arms are feeling VERY tight! My abs are getting very lean and defined. My legs and butt feeling hard and STRONG! I've also noticed an improvement in my regular surfing too! Paddling for waves takes a lot less effort now! Today I did a short SUP paddle ( about 30 min because I didn't feel so hot ) I paddled off Olowalu. It's so cool to be on the water in a standing position! You can see EVERYTHING! I was about 100 yards off shore and the water was a deep green, very clear with a surprising sandy vs a reefy bottom. Pretty cool!

I also mentioned that a few days back I decided to go back to High Raw Vegan ( this means 75% raw vegan foods to me ) My digestion feels better already. Over the last few days I've been drinking a lot of my Super Green Smoothies ( Coconut water, Kale, cilantro, green apple, stevia and ginger ) I made my Herb Cashew "Cheese" again (April 28th post ) but added a 1/4 cup organic sun dried tomatoes, 1 extra garlic clove and extra miso ( 1 more tsp ). It was awesome and now it tastes more like a "hummus" than a "cheese". I've been taking that to work with some large romaine leaves and sunflower sprouts and making some killer RAW wraps. I've also been making some RAW tacos with the romaine leaves for dinner. See Recipe below:-)

*Raw Taco*-RAW VEGAN

3 washed Romain leaves


Salsa Roja ( March 31st post )

RAW white corn cut from cob

Cilantro ( Coriander )

Sunflower Sprouts

Layer all ingredients in a large Romaine leaf and eat like a taco. Yummy!

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