Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Garden continued........

Aloha, It's been a crazy two days for me and my family ( I'll get into that at another time ) but I really wanted to get my mind off of the current sadness and get back to my garden post! So here we go....

HERBS- Very important category for us because we use them almost daily. I've had amazing luck with my herb garden. I've even been successful with cilantro ( the most challenging of them all! ) So, currently I have Rosemary, Sage, Mexican and Greek Oregano, Italian flat leaf parsley, Mint, Spearmint and Creeping Thyme. The only herb that seems to give me trouble is Thyme. I love Thyme and I'm bummed about this but I'm going to try another variety ( lemon, lime, coconut thyme?? ) and see if I have any luck. The trick with Cilantro ( Coriander ) is this....It really only last about a month so use it while you can! Nothing taste better than baby Cilantro with tender stems so cut it while it's young ( it grows back quick! ) then in about 3 weeks you will notice the leaves getting really wispy. This is the best part! It means it is about to "bolt" or send up it's flower ( then die ). This wispy Cilantro is the most fragrant Cilantro you can find. I've learn that either people LOVE Cilantro or HATE it. I happen to LOVE it and so does the big guy so we use it in everything. I even include it in my Super Green Smoothies when I have it available. FYI- tests have shown that Cilantro kills the Ecoli bacteria too! So being the Germaphobe/Emetaphobe (sp??) that I am it gives me even more reason to use it!
CITRUS!! We are growing Citrus. Yes! and we have our trees in pots ( 11 gallon and 15 ) I currently have 2 Tangelo trees, 1 Meyer Lemon ( pictured ) and a Kaffir Lime. I LOVE my Kaffir Lime tree. I use her leaves all the time in my Asian creations. I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these if you love Asian Food. They are super cute and grow very well in a small pot. FYI-Asian food is the easiest way to slip into being a Vegan/Raw Vegan because Dairy is RARELY used and most dishes can easily be meat/fish free! If you really want to get into this way of eating I suggest going this route. Please check out my favorite book list. The Okinawan Diet is very eye opening.
GARLIC! Woo Hoo!! I decided to try a little experiment. I always wondered what would happen if I just stuck a clove of garlic in soil since they seem to sprout no problem without soil in my kitchen. So, I grabbed a long pot and stuck 5 garlic cloves in the soil 2" deep( pointed side up ) then walked away. Well, it's been about a month and my garlic stalks are about 1 ft long! Now, if you do not live on a tropical island you might have better luck than I because garlic really needs a cold season to really develop properly. So, I'm aiming for Taiwanese "Green Garlic". Basically. Green Garlic looks a lot like Green Onions. I think mine are about ready to harvest. I need to pull them out and make a great dip or stir fry with them. They have a garlic flavor/smell but they are way less intense than mature Garlic. I can't wait THAT long for mature garlic anyways so Green Garlic is perfect!
NASTURTIUMS-The famous edible flower. This picture must be about 3 weeks old now because at the moment my nasturtium plant is bursting with red and orange flowers! I'm eating them almost everyday with my raw salads but new flowers show up every morning. The leaves are edible too! This plant is super low maintenance and grows like a vine. Bees love it and it attracts geckos for my cat Taj to drool over.
Like I mentioned before I've been eating pretty high raw vegan again. I've also been surfing a lot and even dragged out my short board 3 times last week:-) I also decided to head back to the gym today in spite of my fear of MRSA Staph. I've been thinking about getting back into running lately so I decided to hit the tread mill after work....probably should have saved this for tomorrow a.m.
First of all, I am NOT a afternoon or evening runner ( mornings only! ) so I had a feeling my booty would be dragging. Second, I had NO music to keep my mind occupied ( yes, I'm the only person in the world who has yet to buy an I Pod and my Walkman had a crash landing in the Atlanta airport a while back.) So instead I was trying to concentrate on the TV in front of me. Unfortunately, I have no idea who "Jon and Kate" are . But, They seemed to be getting quite a bit of airtime this afternoon during my strained run... ( BTW-what's up with that haircut? ). Third, We here in Maui County ( and Hawaii Island for sure ) are suffering from an extreme case of VOG. If you live here in the islands there is no need to explain what VOG is but for those who don't know... VOG is basically the volcanic ash that is spewing out of Kilauea at the moment. We are having a long case of Kona ( south )winds so the volcanic sulfur dioxide is sitting right on top of us now. Try to image good 'ol L.A. on a bad smog day when the Hollywood Hills disappear and the sky turns dark brown. Now, add heavy humidity.....That's my world right now. I'm hoping that Molokai has not sunk because I have not seen it for 3 days behind the brown veil of ash. The point of all this is....bad day to start running since my gyms idea of AC is opening all the windows. So, I did something I never do....I took it easy. I would run 2 min then walk 2 min, run 3 min and then walk 3 min until I hit 30 minutes total. I was a voggy sweaty mess at this point so I jumped on the elliptical for 20 more minutes ( level 7 ). I finished off with 3 sets of 12 shoulder presses and 3 sets of 12 Lat Pull Downs. I wanted to do my crunches and other Ab work but this huge dude was jump roping in the space I needed for my sit ups and a large puddle of sweat was encircling thanks I'm pau.
So back to logging my food......
Food Log
*Super Green Smoothie 24 oz ( Kale, Cilantro, Coconut water, stevia, juice of a lemon, 1"ginger and 1/2 green apple all into the Vita Mix until juiced )
*Raw Salad-mixed greens and flowers, yellow pear tomatoes, 1 whole avocado, shredded carrots and sesame seeds. Dressing was 3 TB of Seasoned ( sushi ) Rice Wine Vinegar, pinch of sea salt and 1 TB Canola oil
*Salad inspired from Flatbread Restaurant in Paia, Maui, 1/2 cup of plain Quinoa and Nama Shoyu. See Below
*Flatbread's House Salad* VEGAN
4 Cups Red Leafed lettuce, Mesculn mix or baby Romaine ( Cos ) chopped
1 Cup Shreaded Carrots
1/2 Cup Hijiki seaweed ( dried but soaked in water for 20 min ) and drained
1/2 Cup chopped celery
1 TB white roasted Sesame seeds
Dressing-1/4 cup Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar, pinch of sea salt, 1 1/2 TB of Canola oil .
I added a small scoop of goat cheese to my portion ( like Flatbread offers ) and Carlos added Huli Huli chicken, avocado and Goat Cheese. We shared about 1/2 bottle of Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc from New Zealand. $8.99 a bottle. Score! Dinner was awesome and the boy was stoked!
Carlos's >

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