Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Update

I've NEVER had any luck growing tomatoes in Hawaii. However, I found some seeds at the Kihana Nursery in Kihei that came from Italy ( Brand is "Franchi") that were highly recommended so I figured for $2.49... what the hell.
Oh my gosh! Every single seed I threw in the soil grew a plant. I had so many that I had to actually thin them out and toss some. I would say I planted them mid March?? I really wish I had written that down now.....Anyways, they are doing awesome. I planted 2 varieties, Cherry and Yellow Pear Tomatoes. I figured that small tomatoes would be faster to harvest.
In the past I bought my tomatoes as small plants from a nursery. Usually with in a month the leaves looked half dead and if any tomatoes actually fruited the bottoms would turn black?? Well, so far so good this year. I used organic potting soil and used a little bit of Organic Blood Meal as fertilizer.
The next plant I have that seems to be super happy is my Anaheim Chili Plant. I purchased 2 small plants from Home Depot in April and in about a months time they are getting pretty heavy with chilies! I'm planning on making some Chili Rellanos in the not too distant future:-)

Basil Anyone??? Mine is out of control and I can't make pesto fast enough.....I'm growing quite a few varieties, Italian, Thai, Opal, Cinnamon and Lemon. Basil takes a lot of sun and water. Luckily I have both in West Maui!

Next up: Passion Fruit ( Lilikoi ) I have two types going at the moment. One is the sweet Orange Jamaican Variety and the other is the Australian Purple Passion. Our Australia Passion Fruit Vine came from a very small clipping that we kept alive in a Mason Jar full of water in the Fall. Suddenly in December it sprouted roots and we planted it. It stayed in a dormant state ( about 4" tall ) until March. It is now growing about a foot a week!

I have a few other chili plants to brag about as well right now. First of all I'm going into my second year with my Thai Dragon. I love this plant. In spite of our careless first year together it produce about 50 chilies for me to enjoy:-) This year it has grown another foot and at the moment it is loaded with about 20, 3"-6" green chilies about to turn cherry red! I harvest them when they are red and use as many as I can fresh ( salsa and Thai soups ). Then, whatever I have left over gets washed and bagged in the freezer. My man loves to chop up these frozen chilies and add them to spicy marinades all year long. FYI-Thai Dragon are freaking HOT!
In march I also added, Serranos, Cayenne and Hawaiian Chilies to my pepper collection and today I picked up a Jalapeno.

Next up: Rainbow Chard "Bright Lights"-Easy, beautiful and constant producer! I've been pruning the outer leaves and using them in pot stickers or I use them raw, cut up with salad greens or as a base for a Raw Vegan wrap!

More to come!! To be continued.......

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