Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carlos's Post

I just wanted to make a quick post to talk a little bit about my lucky guy...First of all, like I've mentioned before, Carlos LOVES his vegetables! Whew! This was a huge hurdle that I'm so happy I didn't have to deal with. However Carlos also LOVES to EAT!!! And he'll eat anything! He LOVES his creamy pastas, red meat and Taco Bell as much as he loves his salads and Green Juice. He also has a major sweet tooth and no matter how stuffed we are he always orders dessert and coffee. We went to Australia about a year and a half ago and Carlos put on about 20 lbs in one month! Now granted, he also quit chewing tobacco on the trip ( a 17 yr old habit! )so, the combination of that, all the dining, drinking and lack of physical exercise added up fast!
At the time, we were not living together so most of our meals were either eaten out or on our own and over the next year he put on another 10 lbs. Back in October of '08 we headed down to his native Argentina for 3 weeks and when we returned we decided that it was time to get our own place. So, we did and started the garden right away. We also started shopping at Costco, Farmer's Markets and Mana Foods and cooking 90% of our food at home. The biggest change for him was the complete lack of snack food in the house. I just don't have it around and I always felt that this was a huge key in weight maintenance. I also don't buy anything processed. I have NO white sugars or packaged frozen foods and if I buy chips/crackers it is almost always gluten free or organic blue corn chips.
Over the last 3 months Carlos has made a huge attempt to slim down. He drinks Green Smoothies with me, eats my non dairy frozen desserts ( sometimes all of it!! Growl! ), he eats at lease one salad a day and loves things like quinoa in place of rice and things like filling bean salads and firm tofu. Actually, the only time Carlos eats red meat these days is when we go out ( which is never ) and he goes many days in a row strictly vegetarian! Who would have ever thought!
Carlos's heaviest was 236 lbs in February ( he's large framed and 6'2". But, he got on the scale yesterday and clocked in at 215! I'm so proud of him!! He looks amazing too! He's a gorgeous sexy guy anyways but he's getting even better with age. We've both been making a big effort to change our workouts as well. We hike ALL THE TIME now and we both paddle board several times a week now. He has also really gotten into Carve Boarding with his buddies ( skate boarding on a long boards down hills )and we are surfing anytime there is swell. He still would like to lose about 5-10 more pounds and add some strength and flexibility. His goal is to be in tip top shape by his 40th birthday ( he is 38 ) and I think this will happen for him!
We have some exciting news too. We just booked tickets for another trip to Australia in September! We will be going for a little over 3 weeks. I am so stoked and hopefully we will catch some surf this time around. The difference this time will be that we plan on making most of our meals at home. Australia has spectacular fresh produce! I love going to their supermarkets and delis and checking everything out. Everything seems so much more natural and unprocessed. I think this will keep any major weight gain for him at bay this time around. Can't wait!!
2 Cups Coconut water
2 Cups frozen Banana chunks
2 heaping TB Raw Cocao Powder
1 TB Raw Cocao Nibs
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 TB Coconut Butter
3 packets of Stevia
Blend all in high speed blender until smooth
This is so great for before or after a workout. The Cocao gives you a great caffeine rush and Coconut water is like drinking natural Gatorade. This is very high in Potassium and Fiber as well as good fats to tide you over:-)


  1. Question...1)Is Stevia natural or processed? 2) If something is frozen, is it still considered "raw"?

    Also, could you tell us where to buy the ingredients to the recipes?

    Thanks! Love the blog! I'd like you to do a 30 day challange where readers participate too and we could send you weekly weigh ins, pics and how we feel. What do you think??

  2. Hi Courtney. Stevia is natural. It is made from a green leafed plant. I saw it the other day at the nursery and ate one of the is super sweet. I buy the brand "SweetLeaf" sweetener. I use the powder form but it also comes in liquid form. I believe it is processed somehow ( not raw ) b/c it is white. However, it contains no saccarin, aspartame, refined sugar, frustose or high glycemic fillers. It has zero calories and is quite a bit sweeter than sugar so a little goes along way. I want to look into it more ( the processing ) but it is used frequently by raw foodist so I figure it's pretty safe.
    I buy most of my ingredients at a small local health food store on island. I'd figure it would be even easier to find them on the mainland since I don't have any access to a Wholefoods, Wildoats or Trader Joes.
    As for a 30 day challenge I would be totally up for that. I figure everyones goals would be a little different. Mine probably would be cutting out dairy 100%, and stopping my Excerdrin habit. Maybe I make a post about it soon....I'm bummed b/c I am having issues with and having a hard time editing and posting pics. I'm still working on that...xo p.s. I plan to post tonight

  3. Oh, I forgot to comment on the frozen part...freezing food does not hurt emzymes like heating food does. I'm a big avocate of freezing and so are many raw foodist. I feeze EVERYTHING from nuts, bread ( sliced )pesto and even whole chili peppers. Last summer my Thai Dragon Chili plant was out of control so we started freezing the chilies. Carlos just finished them off....just in time for this yrs crop! Just picked 3 scarlet red ones today:-)