Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aloha Friday

It's funny how easy it is to start out a day with such great intentions and spontaneously veer the other way...oh well...what can I say, it was Friday:-)


* 2 Cups fresh Ulapalakula Strawberries
* 16 oz Super Green Smoothie
* handful of Cashews
* Odwalla Bar-chocolate flavor...these are pretty great!

THEN- After work I did a quick surf check in Lahaina and it was looking pretty good so I went home to wait for Carlos and to get the surfboards. When he finally got home around 5pm he said that a few of our friends were down at Maui Brewing Co. watching a basketball game and wanting us to join. Well, one glass of Sav. Blanc later and we were ordering nachos! hahaha. Luckily the Brewing Co. makes a fairly healthful nacho ( if that is possible? ) light on cheese and heavy on Black Beans and Salsa Fresca. I ordered Guac on the side as well ( that's RAW food right? ) Anyways, another glass of wine later I knew I was not going to be going to the gym that evening....Oh, well...Hanging out with that crew is way more fun anyways:-)
We ended up renting "The Wrestler" ( pretty sad movie...) and crashing early.
Oh....I had a Blow Pop from the movie store too:-)

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