Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since I'm not a fan of Mondays I decided to make mine a little bit more tolerable and book myself and hour massage after work at Maui Zen Day Spa in Lahaina . I've been a little sore from hiking and paddling so the money spent was all the more justified. I also had a body scrub included to help exfoliate my peeling upper back. Like I've said before, no matter how bad the ecomomy gets I'll spend my last $100 on a spa treatment. I love them that much.
I've also been DYING to replicate the awesome Thai Green Papaya Salad from Thai Chef that I spend a million dollars on weekly. Crazy as this might seem but I can never find Thai Green Papayas on island so I improvised with some other ingredients. A traditional Green Papaya Salad contains fish sauce and/or shrimp paste in the dressing so I tried my best to make a raw vegan version without compromising too much flavor. I think I nailed it! See receipt below.
*Food Log*
Breakfast- 24 oz Green Smoothie ( kale, coconut water, Fuji apple, 1" slice fresh ginger, 2 packets of Stevia ) I let the Vita Mix run extra long this morning and it produced a much juicier smoothie which I prefer.
Lunch-mixed organic green salad, dried cranberries, raw walnuts, crumbled Chevre, Annie's Naturals Raspberry Vinaigrette and cracked black pepper

Dinner-"Mock" Green Papaya salad
*"Mock" Thai Green Papaya Salad* RAW VEGAN
make your own salad base of greens depending on how many servings you need. Add dressing according to taste.
Salad base I used included
Thinly sliced Napa Cabbage
Thinly sliced seeded cucumbers
chopped spring green mix ( butter leaf lettuce, spinach, baby romaine (cos))
Cilantro ( coriander )
Thai Basil
I didn't have carrots or red Bell peppers on hand but I think they would be good in the mix and add a lot of color. I would thinly slice them.
6 cloves minced garlic
the juice of 2 to 3 limes
1 tsp organic raw apple cider vinagar
1/4 C water
3 TB of Nama Shoyu or organic soy sauce
4-5 TB raw agave
1 minced chili pepper ( I used Thai Dragon ) use less or more according to heat preference
Mix in small bowl.
Toss dressing with salad mix and top with crushed peanuts or cashews.

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