Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News and Bad News

When I got up yesterday morning I noticed a little bump on my booty. I was trying hard not to panic so instead I ate a tablespoon of my million dollar Manuka Honey and I drank a tablespoon of turmeric powder in warm water and took off to work. All day long I thought about my ass.....
Now, just in case anyone is confused, I'm talking about MRSA Staph. I've been plague with this super bug since January 1, 2009 and it seems that the nasty f*cker doesn't want to die!!
MRSA rears it's ugly head innocently by disguising itself as a little zit. Then, within a matter of 48 hrs it turns into a scary pus filled boil that needs to be cut open by a doctor and drained! EFF that!
So, the last time MRSA decided to make an appearance ( last month ) I smothered it with New Zealand Manuka Honey ( both topically and internally ) and drank about a gallon of turmeric tea. After hours of research on the Internet these were the 2 forms of homeopathic treatment that seemed to get great reviews. I figured, "What the hell". My MRSA in March cleared up in one week without cutting into it. ( My January infection "sans" honey and turmeric took about a month ).
Now, on both occasions I took the dreaded sulfur pills ( MRSA is antibotic resistant ) for 10 days but I have a feeling that my March case cleared up much quicker because of the honey and turmeric! So, here I go again and this time I'm going drug free.
I've had 2 more servings today of the turmeric powder ( 1TB in 1/2 C of warm water ) and 1 TB of the honey. I also went to the docs for a look. Doctor said that as long as the "zit"doesn't grow larger I'm allowed to stay clear of the sulfur pills. So far, so good. I'm experiencing little to no pain and 36 hrs later I think little has changed.....to be continued
NOW ON TO THE GOOD NEWS!!! I bought a STAND UP PADDLE BOARD today!!! It's a 11'6" Naish with a beautiful carbon paddle! I'm sooooooo stoked. Even more incentive to get healthy! Stand Up Paddle Boarding is amazing for cross training! It's like doing a yoga session on the water but wayyyyyy more fun! I've been borrowing boards from friends for 2 years now and I knew the time had come to get my own ( FYI-Not cheap!!! Mine was $900 used and I scored with that price )
So, anyways F-OFF MRSA!.....You can hele now because I need to get back in the ocean ASAP!
*Food Log*
Breakfast-Larabar, handful of organic granola ( FYI- we had no power this a.m. so I could not make my green smoothie :-( )
Lunch-Arame Salad from the health food store, Down to Earth in Kahului ( Arame seaweed, zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots, green onions, sesame seeds, Apple Cider vinagar, tamari, sesame oil ) =yum!
Dinner-"Mock Green Papaya Salad" see earlier post, 1 glass of Tierra Brisas Argentine Malbec

Dessert-Nana's No gluten, No eggs, No dairy, No refined sugar chocolate Cookie ( These are awesome! ) http://www.healthycrowd.com/
Exercise-45 min hike

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