Thursday, April 9, 2009

Focus for Spring and Summer~Surfing

Now that I'm back home on Maui and the family is on Oahu I've decided to make getting back in the ocean my main focus this week. Now granted, I HAVE been paddle boarding but what I'm talking about is surfing......Luckily it looks like we have a string of small north and south swells heading towards the islands in the next few days and I would really like to catch a few since I am currently Staph free.
Today's surf was really small but it was so calm and glassy out that it was hard to resist. So, I grabbed my 7'8' "lazy" board and paddled out at Puamana Beach park for some knee slapping close out sets.....not really impressive but I beat the rain storm and I'm actually a bit sore in my arms this evening.
Anyways, the reality is this.....since money is a bit tight and my man and I have about 15 surfboards at the Hale I figured what a better way to spend the summer. I remember when he and I first started dating we were surfing all the time! Now, it all fairness he WAS working on the beach that year taking photographs at a surf school for tourists but stilllll.... we now live across the street from the ocean and surfing is FREE!! The biggest incentive for me to get back in the water regularly is the fact that surfing keeps me in ripping shape. I'm naturally lean but surfing is the only thing that truly gets me "cut" and "strong". I think it's going to take me about a month of consistent 1 hr plus surf sessions before I can get back to the level I was in 2007. I've had a series of injuries ( surf fin in my eye for one) to illnesses ( MRSA 2 times and the Flu ) to vacations ( Argentina, Arizona and Florida ) that has kept me in dry dock since fall. I know I feel my absolute best when I'm surfing at least 3-4 times a week and there is no reason other than MRSA that should keep me out of the water. So lets see if I can get back to where I was!
I also want to be conscious again with my diet and document what I'm putting into my body daily ( now that my company is gone ). I will be honest with what I write so bear in mind that I'm far from perfect. I need to stock up on basic fruit/vegetables/grains soon. But here's my food log for today.
No Breakfast
Brunch (after surfing ) - Veggie sushi rolls ( Nori, white rice, avocado, ginger and soy sauce ) this was store bought
Snack-long stem strawberries from the fruit stand in Kula
Late lunch ( around 3 ) - 1 cup of organic pasta with Basil Pesto from Costco with a shaving of Pecorino Romano on top
Snack-handful of salted cashews
Dinner-I don't usually do this for dinner but I've been sort of off all day-Berry Smoothie ( 1 Cup of coconut water, 2 juiced local tangelos, 1/2 cup local pineapple, 1 cup mixed berries of Marion, blueberry and raspberry and 1 packet of Stevia ) I took this to work in a Mason jar because I'm working the night shift. I'm drinking it right now and it is GOOD.
Today was a perfect example of me eating when I was hungry regardless of what time it was at. I also ate what I was craving. When I got out of the ocean all I wanted was sushi. I didn't care that it was 10:30 am. So that is what I ate. I use to have issues with this when I was younger ( eating certain things at certain times of the day.....) not any more.
I also weighed in at 107.2 this morning My weight seems to fluctuate between 104 and 108 theses days in case anyone cares.
*afterwork I had 1 glass of Argentine Malbec

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