Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up on Food Logs

*Food Log* April 17th
Breakfast- fresh coconut water
Lunch-Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad ( see older post ), Mary's Gone Crackers Flax crackers
Dinner-Real Green Papaya salad at "Thai Chef" in Lahaina, sticky Thai rice and a little bit of peanut satay sauce
2 glasses of Babich, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ( this is really good and worth spending over $10 for. )
4 Tim Tam cookies **I feel I need to explain something about these particular cookies. First of all, the are from Australia and hopefully they will continue to stay in Australia because Tim Tams are one of two items that I simply cannot stop eating once I start ( the other being the Hazelnut spread, Nutella ) My sister asked me before her visit if there was anything that I wanted her to bring. I said Tim Tams, thinking she'd bring one box and my man will devour them before I even had one like last time. Well, that was not the case, my sister came off the plane this time with a huge carry on bag full of them. This was 2 weeks ago and I finally caved in today.
OH....they are sooooo good. Tim Tams are two light biscuit like chocolate cookies with a creamy grenache center dipped in chocolate. My poor man is panicking already. He's already eaten 2 boxes and is nervous about the remaining stash. He has even suggested given them away! NOWAY! Some people have been working on their will power over here! Anyways, I plan to indulge myself on occasion. I wonder what a Tim Tam would taste like dipped in Nutella?
*Food Log* April 18th
Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( Kale, coconut water, lemon juice, Fuji Apple, fresh ginger, Stevia )
Lunch-Veggie Sushi Roll ( white rice, avocado, regular soy sauce ) Store bought from Foodland
Dinner- Actually this was more of a snack-Mary's Gone Crackers Flax seed crackers, Chevre Cheese, Strawberry Jam ( I bought this from the Kula Fruit and Veggie Stand. They make their own jelly. It was yummy! 1 glass of Babich Sauv. Blanc
Exercise- 40 min paddle
*Food Log* April 19th
Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( kale, coconut water, lemon juice, ginger, Fuji apple, Stevia )
Lunch-Larabar ( aka-Raw Power Bars ), Vegan Coconut Tapioca pudding from the health food store
Dinner-Salad mix, Raw Caesar Salad dressing, grape tomatoes, shaved Pecorino Romano cheese, Nonfat Polenta, 2 glasses Sauv Blanc
Dessert-Turtle Mountain non dairy Ice Cream
Exercise-I hour surfing
*Food Log* April 20th
Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( Kale, coconut water, lemon juice, Granny Smith Apple, Ginger, Stevia )
Lunch-"Mock" Green Papaya Salad ( see earlier post ), Larabar ( FYI-I'm digging the "Cashew Cookie" one )
Dinner-Raw Caesar Salad with shaved Pecorno Romano, 1 glass of Tierra Brisas Argentine Cabernet
Once again, I've been eating pretty high raw and high green and feeling pretty great! However, I just wish we had some real surf......but, I love paddling. It really helps keeping my surfing muscles strong. The funny thing is I NEVER see anyone doing this??? When I say I'm "paddling" I mean I'm taking my 7'8" simi longboard and paddling the coastline. It's challenging, beautiful and it keeps me in the water on flat days. I think it's really strange that I seem to be the only one out there doing this type of training ( for surfing ).

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