Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beating MRSA Staph ( again )

I am very happy to announce that I beat my most recent case of MRSA without pharmaceutical intervention! The total length of infection was less than 4 days ( my first case was 4 weeks! ). So, how did I do it???? I turned to my new best friends...Turmeric and Manuka Honey from New Zealand!
I mixed 1 TB of Turmeric Powder ( organic from the health food store ) with 1/2 cup of warm water ( plus, a pinch of Cinnamon and Stevia for taste ) and drank this 3 times a day. I also ingested 1 TB of Manuka Honey and placed the honey directly on the boil under my band aid once a day. My MRSA boil formed a little head ( like a zit ) but the skin never broke. It eventually dried up and that was it! NOTE: MRSA Staph is extremely dangerous! Don't ever try to self treat without a doctors permission. For the record, I DID go to the doctors and I had the prescribed medication on hand in case my MRSA got out of control. Thankfully this never occurred!
So back to my life......
I woke up Friday with a sore throat? What?? NO!!! Sure enough I had a few white spots on my tonsils, a headache, chills and fatigue. It looked like a classic case of Tonsillitis which I am more than familiar with. Was this a immune reaction to the MRSA I was fighting?? Who knows? So, once again I looked up homeopathic treatments for Tonsillitis and found a couple of treatments to try. One was squeezing a lime in some warm water with a TB of honey. The other was gargling 1/2 tsp of sea salt with 1/2 cup of warm water. I did both several times on Friday as well as resting. The white spots were gone by late afternoon and I was Stand Up Paddling by Saturday. NOTE: Again, don't mess with white spots on a sore throat. This can also be an indicator of a Strep infection which will require antibiotics to treat. Always go to the doctor to check first!

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