Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Day 3

Log Entry
Exercise-1 hr. elliptical machine level 7. 150 abdominal crunches, whole body stretch-FYI I have to admit that at around 50 mins on the elliptical I started getting dizzy? I have no idea why? I was reading a magazine and it was getting dark in the room so maybe that was the issue? I don't know but it was strange. I was ( once again going to do a 1 hr. yoga class afterwards but I passed ( because of the dizziness ) Once I drove home I felt normal again...who knows? maybe I didn't drink enough water today?
Diet-looks like I got through another day Dairy Free!
Breakfast-Green smoothie ( coconut water, spinach, half a lime, apple, stevia, ginger )
Lunch-Veggie avocado sushi roll from Foodland. Not my first choice however, I needed to give my favorite Thai Papaya salad a break and on Front St. in Lahaina I don't have many vegan options-:(
Dinner-Lentil soup by Amy's Organics, I usually like to make my soups from scratch but I didn't feel like lugging out all the equipment this evening ( I cooked for just me tonight too ) so Amy's Soups are always a nice vegan organic option. I almost always spruce up canned soups with something. To this I added a about 1/4 C of the cooked Quinoa left over from last night and the juice of 1/2 of a lemon. I also had about a handful of low-fat Wheat Thins....( whatever, processed I know...but, it was really only a handful.)
Dessert-So my sweet tooth craving from last night spilled on today so I remembered to grab a carton of my new favorite sinful treat. It's the only soy based "ice cream" I've been able to find that actually tastes like real ice cream. It's called Purely Decadent by The Turtle Mountain Co. and it is fabulous! I had Dulce de Leche again which is amazing. I saw on their website that they have about 15 other ridiculously good looking flavors but this is Maui and my the health food store down the road only carries Dulce de Leche. Good thing I like Carmel...even my Argentinean carnivore dairy loving boyfriend gave it his stamp of approval too:-)So, it must be okay?...Aren't Argentines supposed to be Dulce de Leche experts?
A few notes about my dairy/wine detox week......I woke up this morning with a bit of an upset tummy? Nothing major but it's been bothering me all day. However, it wasn't so bad to effect my appetite or workout ( I don't think the dizziness was linked to it )
Also, my head ache appeared again at the same time this a.m. as almost feels like a sinus headache too? Who knows...we'll see if it's back in the morning.
Anyways, it's now Chocolate mud mask time......I've been using Organic Chocolate Mask by Ecco Bella about once a week. It's great when my face is feeling a bit dry...It smells so good I want to eat it.. haha!

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