Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Day 2

Log Entry
-1 hr elliptical machine level 7, whole body stretches
water with lemon upon waking
Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( coconut water, lemon, fresh ginger, apple, spinach, Stevia )
Lunch-Vegan Thai Green Papaya Salad, 2 small vegan rice noodle wrapped summer rolls ( cabbage, cucumber, mint, bell pepper ) and some sort of light dipping sauce ( Mirin, hot pepper, carrots? )
Snack-small handful of mixed nuts
Dinner-1 Cup of Quinoa, 1/2 Cup of stir fried asparagus ( sesame oil, lemon juice ) 2 small slices of firm Tofu, a few tablespoons of the Satay sauce from yesterday, Good sprinkling of Black Sesame seeds.
several glasses of water through out day
I really wanted to do an hour of Yoga as well when I got home from the gym but I was way to hungry so I ate instead...so, I think I'll just stretch now......I can't do Yoga after eating. I hate the way that feels on a full tummy. As for everything else, I developed a mean headache around 10 am. I usually take 2 Excedrin pills upon waking and I skipped that today because I really want to ween myself off them. The headache never went away........Other than that, I had a fairly strong craving for some goat cheese and crackers after work so this is why I cooked Asian food again for dinner. I feel if I'm eating Asian then I don't think about dairy. It's a rare case to ever see dairy in a Asian dish so I think many of my meals will start looking like this. As for wine, I skipped it last night and I plan on it again this evening. I feel fine with this, no want or need for that. However, now I am craving something sweet. I almost bought a container of rice or soy based "ice cream". I sort of wish I had now:-( Oh, well....I'm full anyways

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