Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recovering from MRSA

It's been a long week to say the least. Starting with my resurgence of MRSA! This time it showed up on my top inner thigh. This place is not a very convenient spot for walking, sitting and clothing. Anyways, I went on the dreaded Sulfur pills again ( yuck....makes me nauseous) but this time I did 3 other things different. 1. I ingested Manuka Honey 15+ from New Zealand ( about 1 TB a day ) AND put it directly on the open abscess before bandaging. If you google this, you'll see that Manuka Honey is used as an alternative medicine for so many issues ( bed sores, stomach ulcers, etc...)2. I drank Turmeric Tea ( for inflammation ) 1 tsp of organic turmeric powder in hot water ( with agave and a black tea bag ) 2x a day. 3. Also, I did NOT have the boil lanced this time around. I was planning on going back to the doctors to get this done but the swelling starting decreasing so quickly and the pain was subsiding that I decided that maybe I could manage without the knife? I would never recommend but I took a chance.
I'm on day 6 of the infection and I'm happy to say, it looks pretty good and never felt the flu symptoms like last time. I guess I'll never know if it was just a smaller infection or if the homeopathic treatments worked? Who knows, but if it happens again. I'll be drinking the tea and using the honey.
So where am I getting the MRSA? I really have no idea? Apparently, Maui County is riddled with it. We have the highest concentration of MRSA staph in the nation. Awesome....However, I honestly think I'm getting it from my gym. I think it's odd that last week I spent almost everyday at the gym and then this popped up....sort of like last time. Who knows?....Who cares? Either way it sucks.

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