Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Small Garden

Over the last 2 months I've been trying to put together a garden. I live on the West Side of Maui about a block away from the ocean so I do get a lot of mild to hot humid weather along with some rain. Unfortunately, due to several trees in the yard I don't get a great deal of constant sun. However, we are moving into Spring so the sun is shifting again. Across the channel from my house lie the islands of Molokai and Lanai. In the winter time I lose the sun behind Lanai early in the afternoon but during the Spring and Summer the sun sits in the space between the two islands giving me more intense sun during the late afternoon. I'm renting at the moment so I wanted to keep my garden portable. So, I have everything in pots. Here is my inventory so far
Garlic Chives
5 Types of Basil-Thai, Italian, Lemon, Opal and Cinnamon
5 Types of Chili Pepper-Thai Dragon, Hawaiian, Cayenne, Serrano and Anaheim
3 Avocado trees that we started from seeds
1 Lilikoi plant ( Passion Fruit ) that we cut from a jungle vine on a hike and propagated
4 Citrus Trees-2 Tangelos, Meyer Lemon and Keffir Lime
I've had incredible luck with my herbs and very little issues with pests. I also do well with my chili plants. I have had major problems with growing Tomatoes. I have no idea why? Maybe lack of sun? I also had no luck getting my Zucchini plants to grow a fruit after the flower blossomed and I had no luck even getting my Japanese eggplants to flower. Now, in the plant's defense....I did try to start growing these in December but I thought being Hawaii maybe it didn't matter? If anyone has luck growing vegetables out here I'd love some tips. I know it's very easy at the higher elevations of the island but down here near the water has proved to be challenging to say the least.

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