Friday, March 27, 2009

Quitting the Gym??

After recovering from 2 cases of MRSA staph in 2 months I've taken some time to reflect. I truly believe I am contracting this nasty bug from my gym. I'm pretty bummed about it and I'm really considering getting out of my membership ( which might not be so easy). While I've been pondering this I've been taking advantage of the nice sunny weather and going back outside to get exercise. Unfortunately, Maui has not been blessed with much surf this winter ( although with the Staph I would have not been able to enjoy it anyways) So...instead of surfing I've been hitting the hills and practicing Hatha yoga from a a DVD I have at home ("Yoga with Ateeka" which is excellent by the way...) The more and more I've been doing these activities the less and less I even want to go to the gym. I've actually just returned from another 1.5 hr brisk coastal walk ( again, no swell today ) So, this will make 4 hikes this week alone and one of the hikes we did this week was almost 4 hrs long! So, my partner and I have been thinking this....If we can keep this up.... along with hitting the waves while they come in maybe we don't need a gym membership after all? Oh and by the way, we also purchased some yoga mats, blocks, straps, resistant bands, weights and a pull up bar for the yard.
So, we'll see how long we can stick with this. Besides the workout.... It's also really refreshing to get outside and be around nature again. Even here on Maui it's really easy to forget how beautiful the mountains and the beaches are when you get caught up in the daily grind ( yes, that exists here too! ). It's so nice to see the Plumeria trees starting to fill in after the long winter and the Mango trees starting to load up again with plump fruit. It reminds me how we island dwellers are so sensitive to the elements. You see, the reality is this... when you live on a small rock in the middle of the huge Pacific things like the tides, the winds, the storm fronts and the seasons really do impact your daily life.(Which is actually pretty frickin' cool.....) Aloha.....

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