Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finding Peace

I've been doing A LOT of thinking lately ( well actually, I do this all the time....sometimes too much ) But honestly, I feel that the country, hell the whole world is going though a major shift in values and awareness. Now... I understand that being a pro-Green girl already might make me more sensitive to noticing these types changes. But, I've taken note that so much of my "late night after work" discussions with my partner seem to revolve around this very topic.
Anyways, my point being this.....where are "we" shifting? I do find it extraordinary that at the same time we are going through this historic economic downturn the Green movement is becoming very mainstream. Why is this?? I'm looking at my own spending as well. I use to shop like crazy! Especially on clothing, jewelry and house furnishings. These days most of this "stuff" has very little value to me. In fact, I'm getting rid of it like crazy! Now when I "treat" myself the money usually goes towards good food or something like a massage. I seem to have very little issue spending $100 for a spa treatment right now. But, spending $100 for a shirt seems ridiculous. I've looked at my bank statements and besides my usual rent, utilities and gas the rest of the money seems to go towards health food stores ( Mana Foods in Paia in particular ) and to spa treaments at Maui Zen Day Spa (an excellent new Spa in Lahaina. )I'm also looking into joining a sort of fresh local food co-op on the island that delivers fruit and veggie baskets to your door! Check out "Kula Fields". I also make quite a few purchases at our new Barnes and Noble store in Lahaina where my focus of interest seems to be all things Green, vegan and organic beauty. Speaking of Spa treatments....they fascinate me. Nothing feels better than being pampered like that. Even with money being a bit tight this days, I still go and I get a pedicure about every 2 weeks as well. I have just cut back on most everything else I used to spend my money on. So, I'm wondering how many other people are thinking this way? Where will spending shift? Bling Bling seems to be gone so what does the anti-bling world look like? I know I posted something on this topic a few weeks back but these are the questions that keep ringing in my over stressed head. I now crave peace in the home and out. I want my living space to be sunny, quiet and clean. I want it to be a sort of a sanctuary from the world outside. However, what if the world outside is peaceful as well? I'm starting to discover that maybe I need to shift my thinking too?? Maybe a future in the world of nutrition, teaching physical fitness or working at a spa with a skill I acquired?? I'm truly trying to focus on the positive. I'm thinking this downturn in economics might actually be the best thing that ever happened to us? So, here's to pushing the "reset button" and making things better this time around!