Monday, March 9, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

Well, I'm struggling right now with my diet and exercise routine. It all started with my MAC crashing ( still down ). In turn, I was no longer "blogging" daily and soon everything started to slip. To make matters even harder, I had a very emotional set back last Wednesday. I ended up not eating until about 6pm and when I did it was a few crostinis, goat cheese and 3 glasses of wine....I hate that when I have an emotional breakdown I loose all sense of self. I'm still searching for a way to not let this happen.
What next......I'm starting my work week with a sort of cleanse.......What I would like to do is commit to 60 minutes of cardio everyday. I know this sounds aggressive but I think what I need to do is sweat....A LOT! I turn 33 April 2. I want to feel healthy, clear and strong by that date. I think I can do this with some discipline.
Besides the cardio, I need to make a commitment to Yoga. I'm shooting for 3 classes a week this month.
Surfing, This is the first time in about 5 yrs that I've been slacking in this area. I so much want to improve and be more confident in the water. The only way to do this is to get in the water and surf....plain and simple. It has been very chilly on Maui lately so honestly this has been a huge reason for my lack of water sport activity....I plan on working on this. I don't know...maybe surf in long underwear?
Diet, I keep saying it over and over......Dairy, Dairy Dairy!!! I'm having a hell of a time giving it up! Coffee, sugar, meat problem. Walking out on dairy has been harder than walking out on my ex-husband. LOL! Seriously though! What is it???Am I addicted? Can I be?? Whatever it is, I need to work on it. Why would I continue to put something in my body that my stomach rejects?? I seem to have a pattern of this....
Starting today, I've decided to clean things up a bit. I would like to, if I mostly fruit and veggies until Friday the 13th. I would also like to leave out wine and all dairy products. The other bad vice I have is 2 daily Excedrin pills....These for some reason are like my addiction to dairy and they MUST be eliminated. I'm giving myself 5 days on my sort of detox diet, If I can go more I will. However, I'm assuming that I would like to enjoy a bottle of wine with my man and friends come the weekend. Stay tuned:-)

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