Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines weekend

Well, if there is ONE thing I am feeling right now that would be soreness!!!! Yesterday my man and I did a 2 hour hike into the West Maui Mountains. Along with being just beautiful ( I even gathered some Lilikoi fruit on the way back down ) it was challenging! I'm not sure what elevation I reached but I do know the hike was about 5 miles long. The day before I did a gym workout.
40 min elliptical machine level 7
150 crunches
Machine weights: Back, Triceps and Shoulders
I will have to say that I have definitely noticed a difference in my biceps especially.
I wish I could report a healthier diet this weekend but I will have to blame Valentines Day!
I had a pretty dairy filled dinner that artichoke dip with tortilla chips ( shared ) and a pecan and blue cheese salad with some dark bread and red wine. Dessert was some Chocolate heart shaped cookies at home. Everything was very tasty but I'll admit the dairy did bother my tummy a bit....I wish I could say that my poor diet stuck to just Feb. 14th. Unfortunately it carried on to the 15th. After a great homemade dinner last night. My man purchased a beautiful Key Lime cake at the local market. Granted, the cake was amazing and full of natural ingredients....however, eating something like that on a regular basis is not a good idea.
Feb 14
Breakfast~green smoothie
Lunch~not hungry enough to eat a full size lunch
snack~organic blue chips, organic full fat sour cream ( wonderful ) and organic Habenero salsa
Dinner~see above ( Outback Steakhouse ~ Lahaina )
Feb 15
Breakfast~green smoothie
Lunch~ Spinach salad, tomato, vinaigrette, 2 panko crusted goat cheese medallions. 2 small bread rolls ( At the Plantation House ~ Kapalua )
Dinner~Homemade salad~ see below, goat cheese crostinis ( sour dough baguettes, organic olive oil, Cypress salt, reduced Balsamic syrup )
Dessert. small slice of Key Lime cake
*Chopped salad*~ for 2 or 3 as a Main VEGAN
Romaine chopped about 4 cups
garden grown rainbow chard chopped about 2 cups
garden grown opal basil handful
cherry tomatoes 1 cup
chopped hearts of palm 1 cup
organic white kidney beans 1 cup
sunflower sprouts 1 cup
1/3 C Paul Newman's olive oil vinaigrette with squeeze of lemon ( my boyfriend didn't care for the extra lemon ).

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