Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, I am happy to say that I made it through Thursday totally dairy free:-) For dinner I enjoyed a large bowl of my yummy homemade Thai Coconut Soup. I made a slight change to the ingredient list this time around. I added fresh chopped Shiitake mushrooms instead of dried. Wow! what a difference! Beautiful. I did an hour Hatha Yoga class as well. Yoga is something that I need to increase in my world these days.....I'm interested in Power Yoga. I would like to find something that will greatly increase my range of motion and make me sweat and flexible at the same time. I think I might check out what is available to me on island (as in classes.) As for today, Friday....I'm still not feeling so hot. I'm battling a sour stomach at the moment. However, I think my week of feeling really off and PMS-y is coming to a rapid close.....I have a feeling come tomorrow many of my "symptoms" will be gone....thank god. So, far today ( it's 2pm ) all I have been able to stomach is 1/2 of my green smoothie... and .....a few pieces of vegan chocolate......Go figure, I am a girl.

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