Saturday, February 14, 2009

Size 0? Not for me anymore.......

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I spent the most the day chilling with my all black kitty cat. I was still feeling a bit strange? Sort of like PMS. Anyways, I'm hoping it will pass soon because I'm starting to get annoyed....
Friday was a work day. However, I spend about 2 hours in the a.m. ( I worked at 4pm until 10 pm ) trying to find a wave to surf luck:-( Then I figured I would paddle the coastline but the trade winds were KICKING! So, out of complete frustration I decided just to go home a reorganize my closet. OH MY! did THAT turn into a project! With my bikini still on I started trying on everything I own. 3 hours later I had filled 3 large bags with clothing and shoes that I plan on taking to a local consignment store. I had a unique experience doing this too. Instead of feeling chubby and tossing things because they didn't fit. I was tossing things that were falling off me! I never thought I would ever in my life think this but in all honesty I could stand to gain a few pounds! I decided to jump on my rarely used scale and see what I weighed. 104.6 lbs. I took my measurements as well because I would like to see if my new workouts will add some inches. I think I would like to add a little roundness to the booty. Strengthen my legs and add some muscle to my back and arms.
Waist~23 1/8"
Left thigh~18 1/4"
Right thigh~18 3/4"
Hips~33 3/4"
I didn't do a chest measurement because my boobs have a mind of their own. I'm a 32 D and I don't think I can do much about that! LOL!
Breakfast~Green Smoothie
Lunch~Quinoa Salad ( last of the leftovers from yesterday but still yummy!)
Dinner~Thai (vegan-no fish sauce ) Green Papaya Salad, 1 scoop Thai sticky rice with curry peanut sauce
2 glasses of red wine late night and a small Chocolate
NO exercise!

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