Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been spending the last two days NOT working out. I'll have to admit that on Monday the 9th I was very legs, butt and back from this weekend's ups hill hikes. I had actually planned on making Monday a "rest" day because I was planning on going to a friend's "Moving off Island"party ( having lots of those kinds of parties these days )after work. I had my usual Green Smoothie and I had a yummy salad for lunch ( romaine, spinach, golden raisins, pecans, vinaigrette and a small amount of Blue Cheese ). Then, I went to party around 6pm and had two glasses of white wine before I ate. For dinner I ordered a Quesadilla ( feta cheese, spinach on a spinach tortilla ) and, not too much later I noticed a pretty strong headache coming on. I do like to drink wine...In fact most nights of the week I have a glass or 2 of wine. I hate beer and unless it's a margarita I rarely have hard liquor. I've actually made it a goal of mine to start limiting the wine I drink to maybe half the nights of the week. I am starting to worry about the effects of alcohol on my body such as increasing my risk for breast cancer and the amount of empty calories and sugar it adds to my diet. Anyways, my point being, I'm wondering if having wine on an empty stomach and on a day full of mostly fruit and vegetables caused my headache? I never got any better and I ended up having 2 Excedrines ( which I'm sort of addicted too and I'm trying to cut out as well )
So, Tuesday the 10th I felt hung over all day? Yuck....not fun. I had run out of ingredients to make my smoothie but I had a yummy Green Papaya Salad, some Thai sticky rice and a few squares of dark chocolate for lunch and I still did not feel any better. I resorted to 2 more Excedrines ( bad bad bad ) and made an appointment for a 60 min massage after work.
*By the way....I LOVE getting a massage......I have no problem spending the money for them. I love all spa treatments. In fact the first chance I get I want to go on holiday at some resort that specializes in just that!*
So, needless to say, I didn't do any sort of physical activity yesterday either although the massage helped my minor hangover. I also skipped the vino last night and went to bed early-ish. I think Monday is a classic reason for why I would like to cut back on wine. Don't get me wrong....I love it......I'm from Northern California and grew up around it. I spend my vacation time in wine countries ( Argentina and Australia ) to see family and I will always enjoy a beautiful Aussie Shiraz or a New Zealand Sauv Blanc. However, feeling healthy is much more important to me now. Today is the 11th. I feel 100% better and I do plan on being much more productive ( as soon as i can get out of my Art Gallery ) xoxo

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