Thursday, February 19, 2009

Falling off the exercise wagon.....

I have seemed to have gotten off track this week.....I have not worked out since Sunday ( It's THURSDAY! ~ hoping to get to the gym later) I'm feeling a bit regretful about this.....I also have been eating out more than usual as well and last night I ended up eating a nice mess at a local brewing company with my boyfriend and friend....I'll spare you the bad choices in food but I'll admit that it involved, dairy, white pasta and even something fried! Yuck! I'm disgusted with myself! I want to make a note that I am 99.9% NOT concerned about putting on concern is putting bad crap into my body!! I'm also seriously wanting to become vegan and I'm doing a TERRIBLE job at it. I think first and foremost THIS needs to be my goal...The workouts will happen...I'm usually good about this. I have to admit something else too. I'm dealing with what might be the worst case of PMS I've ever had?! This I believe is the main reason why my workouts are sub par. Anyways, I'm forgiving my bad behavior.....I understand that the way I'm feeling physically is real. I know I am not lazy so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. So, that being said, I tried to reverse my little downfall today. I started today with a Green Smoothie and for lunch I had Thai Green Papaya salad, sticky rice with a little Thai peanut sauce.....all dairy free. I plan on doing some sort of exercise this evening and eating a healthful dinner......oh, and skip the Vino. Ciao!

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