Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dry Brushing to Coconuts

I wanted to comment on something that I have been doing a lot lately. This has been dry brushing. I've been reading quite a bit about the benefits of dry brushing your skin with a natural bristled brush before bathing. Basically you are slothing off old dead skin cells and buffing your skin out. I start with my feet and work my way up the body. It feels really good! It has some stimulating effects to it as well. Another thing I've been in the process of doing is slowly replacing my cleaning and beauty products with natural, cruelity free and biodegradable alternatives. And I have to say ( and surprised ) I really do like them much better. I also noticed that they smell much nicer too ( lavender, rose and tea tree etc. )
Another thing that I have been doing is replacing all my plastic with glass. I've been recycling old pasta and salsa jars, cleaning and stripping the old label away and using them to store all sorts of things in my pantry or in my bathroom cabinets. It made managing my shopping list much easier because everything is so organized and now "see through" Plus, they just plain look cool:-)
*Receipt of the day*~ I've made this for dinner last night and had it for lunch today
*Vegan Thai Coconut Soup*-makes a large batch ( can be cut in half ) VEGAN
1 quart Vegetable broth~I use water and vegan bouillon
1 can coconut milk ~ I use full fat because I like the creamier texture
2 inches of ginger root sliced thin

5 cloves garlic minced- or more if you want
2 TB organic soy sauce or shoyu
juice of 1 large juicy lemon
8 keffir lime leaves-torn ( pretty important flavor if you can get them ) I have a tree in my yard
3 inches crushed lemon grass~tender end of stalk only ( optional )
2 TB local organic honey/or agave ( add more if you like it sweeter )
two large handfuls of sliced mushrooms
8oz extra firm organic tofu
1 thinly sliced carrot

1 can organic baby corn
1 thai chili halved ( or 1 TB of Red Curry Paste )
2 large handfuls of thai basil
I simmer everything together on med. heat for about 15-20 min, sometimes I brown the tofu first in a skillet. I add the basil when I take it off the heat. Adding chopped cilantro is good too. This is awesome and my man keeps telling me its the best soup he's ever had. By the way he adds a big scoop of Jasmine rice to his. FYI*this tastes even better the next day:-) xoxoxo

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