Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dealing with Recession Depression

I'm trying REALLY hard not to let these tough times get me down......However, I'm not immune to the discomforts and stress of watching my bank account and pay checks dwindle. No longer are the days where I would buy a bunch of organic vine ripened tomatoes without weighing them first. Long gone are the days when I would try different raw food creations from online outlets or an expensive vegan deli without thought. It stresses me out that coconut water cost me over $6 for a small bottle. and that I had to pair down my Green Smoothies to a just a few ingredients every morning so I could keep them under $10 a day. However, my diet seems to be the least of my worries....I own a beautiful house that I can't seem to sell. I sell luxury fine art in a world where people are foreclosing on their homes at historic rates. I live on Maui, which is probably one of the most expensive places in the world. So, I'm asking myself a question that I'm sure so many others are facing..."What can I do to make things easier??"
Part of me feels this.....if we can get through this, stick it out and set up for the next "wave" maybe we will be ok? So, how do we do this? I don't have many answers for myself yet but these are the questions I'm asking.
So, what do I do immediately? First, don't get into any more debt. I've actually been working to get rid of any debt I have right now. I'm almost done paying off my credit card ( I had a trip to Argentina and Australia on it ) and I'm happy to say I see the finish line. Second, I'm NOT going to buy a new car right now. I drive a 2003 Honda Civic with 75,ooo miles on it. Instead of trading it in I decided to do all the preventative maintenance and even got nice new tires for it. It's a Honda, it will last forever right? Besides, who needs a car payment right now? Third, Refi-I've been a perfect borrower on my home.....Lowering my mortgage shouldn't be THAT hard? Forth, don't touch my savings.....I'm pretty good about this and when I have to I do pay it back....I plan on putting my tax return straight into it as well. Five, sell sell sell.....I have some extra stuff I do not need....clothes, surfboards, artwork even jewelry. I'm all about lighting my load these days...uncluttering the clutter and making myself much more mobile. Six, take advantage of free stuff....hiking ( doing this a lot lately ) surfing, camping and exploring. I'm starting to make our yard/garden into a beautiful outdoor living space for lounging and entertaining. I have a nice outdoor dining table now and a extra sitting nook...a colorful hammock my man got in Costa Rica, white Christmas lights and several glass lanterns from Morocco to make the place feel warm....
If all else fails we can split....we are daydreaming right now about this very idea...Indo? Central America? The South Pacific?? Who knows? It seems a bit crazy but not out of the question. We've both done it before...I moved from California to Samoa then onto Maui. My guy moved from Argentina to Florida then onto Maui as well. Even my sister married an Aussie and lives in Sydney now. So, the expat lifestyle doesn't frighten either of actually inspires us xo, Amanda

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