Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to the Gym......

So recently I have been REALLY slacking on my workouts. In my defense I will have to say that it has been primarily due to illness. I went surfing on a New Years day with a tiny pimple ( on my booty! ) but by dinner time it had turned into a mean looking boil. 2 days later I ended up in the urgent care clinic with MRSA Staph......Anyways, I highly recommend not catching this mean bug. I'll spare you the icky details and let you just google the infection on your own but in a nut shell it REALLY sucked and worst, I gave it to my man......Who knows how I got it??? It could have been from anywhere, the gym, work, the ocean? Who cares... I got it somehow......Well, 3 weeks later my wound was finally healed and then I caught a head cold......So, far '09 has been off to a shaky start.
So, this brings me to today. I finally got back into the gym! Ya!! I typically do 40 minutes on level 7 on the Elliptical machine ( with moving handle bars ) and then I do 200 crunches with my legs at a 90 degree angle on a bench. I always do my stomach crunches first because I hate them. Once I finish that I go on to upper body weights. Today I just worked my shoulders and back. I honestly feel like I did a medium effort workout this evening but I expected that after almost a month off.....( can't believe it was that long! )
I also dealt with something minor today as well.......I usually make my Super Green Smoothie every morning but I ran out of spinach yesterday and I could not get to the store last night. So, I went into work today ( without my smoothie but with my man ) and he wanted to stop at Starbucks. I don't drink coffee anymore but I was drawn into these big doughy looking cheese laced baguettes. I was hungry so I ordered one heated up....I was half way done with it when it started to lose it's appeal but I finished it anyways. I felt kind of gross afterwards too. My point is this.... back in my "bigger" days this would have triggered a interesting result. I would have said, "Screw it! I blew it already so I'm going to eat crappy food all day long" However, now, without much thought.....I go right back to eating healthy. For lunch I ordered a Thai Green Papaya salad and veggie summer rolls wrapped in cold rice paper. For dinner I had a big salad of dried cranberries, pecans, Anjou pears, romaine lettuce and a simple olive oil vinaigrette ( and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc ).
You know, having a white flour cheese baguette at 9 am is not the worst thing in the world. I mean, I will probably look exactly the same tomorrow as I did today when I woke up but the issue is this. I feel like crap these days when I eat this sort of "fluffy food". I couldn't wait to eat a crispy green lunch to hopefully cancel out my heavy breakfast. It's so nice to eat this way's so refreshing to eat certain things for health reasons and not because they WON'T make my thighs big....I really feel that this is the key ingredient into what I was missing in all my "diets" when I was younger and so much heavier. This is also why I feel that pushing myself to stick to a vegan diet instead of a vegetarian diet will make me feel even better in the long run. I also love how raw light foods feel after I consume them. I want to feel like this all the time. I do see a Raw Vegan diet in my near future....Aloha

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