Monday, May 18, 2015

Tour de Low-Country


We just returned home from a couple of weeks on the Mainland. We spent some time in north Florida and southern Georgia before heading out to California for a few days. 
This was a family trip so most of our time revolved around them but we were able to squeeze in some nice drives and just a bit too many indulgent lunches. Hard not to do, especially when you are in The South.

Here's a few shots of one of the most beautiful regions on the U.S. Mainland, The Florida/Georgia Low-Country.

St. Simons Island, GA

Fort Federica, GA

Veggie Empanadas at Del Sur on St. Simons Island

Pumpkin and Pea Ravioli at Del Sur ( not vegan ) I had a handful on non-vegan ( always vegetarian though ) meals on this trip. Not proud to admit this but I did. 


St. Simons Pier

Dunes at Huguenot Beach, FL

Fernandina Beach, FL

Stuffed veggie wraps at 29 South in Fernandina Beach, FL

Stormy Amelia Island


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vegan Ranch Dressing

I make a nut based vegan sour cream almost weekly. It's insane! It seriously tastes and looks just like the real thing! Besides just adding it to my Mexican inspired salads and vegan tacos, I've been mixing it into soups and salad dressings when I want something rich and creamy. 
I was craving ranch dressing big time the other day as I watched a friend devouring pizza with the devil sauce drizzled all over it. Ugh, it was absolute torture. What is it about creamy dressings like blue, Caesar and ranch? So yum...
  I didn't cave though. The ingredients used to make traditional ranch dressings are loaded with cancer causing, heart stopping saturated fats and loads of animal cruelty. I won't go there anymore so I had to come up with something to replace it. This is really really close to the real deal! Give it a try!

Vegan Ranch Dressing
-makes about 1.75 cups-

1 cup vegan sour cream ( recipe below )
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 TB lemon juice
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cracked pepper
1/4 tsp dried dill
2 TB fresh chopped parsley
2 TB chopped green onions

Vegan Sour Cream
-makes about 1.5 cups-
1 cup unsalted cashews soaked in water overnight ( drained )
juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
10 TB cold water
pinch of sea salt
Blend in a highspeed blender until very smooth.
Recipe adapted from HERE


Monday, April 6, 2015

Maui Style

I have a ton of dresses made by Acacia Swimwear. I love their interesting designs, light fabrics and bohemian vibe. The Hong Kong dress is one of my favorites with it's crochet open back and high neckline. I have one in black and one in dark blue. I wear them often as beach cover ups but I like to dress them up as well.  

Dress// Acacia Swimwear, on sale HERE
Hat// Janessa Leone  HERE

Photos by Carlos Barberis of BECfoto


Saturday, April 4, 2015


{ mermaid tidepool }

We have so many incredible beaches on Maui but Ho'okipa has got to be my favorite. Located right off the Hana Highway on Maui's north shore, Ho'okipa is backed by fields of sugar cane instead of high rise big box hotels. For me, this is a must.
Every week, I drive over to the north shore to do my grocery shopping at the farmer's markets and Mana Foods. Afterwards, I stop at Maui Kombucha to buy several quarts and then I will usually head over to Ho'okipa. I keep an ice cooler in my car so I can do this and keep my groceries cold. It's become my favorite weekly routine.
I bring my surfboard, free diving fins, and my beach bag and just make a day of it. Ho'okipa host more of a local crowd. Lots of families, babies, and very fit girls sporting teeny tiny bikinis. Carlos likes to come with me too. Ha!
 The sand is golden, the water is a clear turquoise, and inevitably a bunch of sea turtles show up on the south end of the cove.

I absolutely love this place.

{ sleeping Hawaiian Monk seal }

{ waiting for his human } 

{ turtle town }

{ Keiki playing outside and not on a tablet. Such a rarity these days }


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kite Hill Vegan Cheese

This decadent looking thing is 100% world class vegan Brie Cheese!

Now, over the years I've tried a hell of a lot vegan cheese. Honestly most of it has been total crap but I have to say things are starting to look up!

This beauty is from Kite Hill. I know, I know, you Mainlanders have had it at Whole Foods for awhile now but it FINALLY show up on Maui! OMG seriously?! How did they do this? I'm mean the rind? WTF? Exactly the same as the real deal! The texture? Pretty damn close. The flavor? Spot on!

It must be full of crazy processed crap then? 

Nope! Almond milk, salt, enzymes, cultures. That's it!
MOM! No more excuses!!!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Farmer's Markets

{ Jabuticaba }

We're starting to shift into spring and I'm finding all sorts of new exotics at my favorite farmer's markets on island. Lately, besides my normal haul, I've been picking up Jabuticaba, Mamey Sapote, Chocolate Sapote, and Chico Sapodillas. 
Ever heard of Jabuticaba? They are originally from Brazil and taste a lot like a grape. If fact, they even make wine with this juicy fruit down in South America. The Jabuticaba fruit actually grows on the truck of the tree instead of the tree's branches. Check it out HERE. So cool!
Chocolate Sapote ( green fruit pictured below ) is always a rare treat and I always grab few whenever I see them. They don't have a strong chocolate flavor nor are they exceptionally sweet but I love the dark pudding like texture when they are very ripe. I also love my chicos ( looks like a kiwi, below ). They always taste like brown sugar to me. Lastly, I don't see Mamey Sapote often on Maui but apparently they grow quite well over on the Big Island. They taste a bit like pumpkin and sweet potato. They make a great raw vegan pie by the way...

{ Mamey + Chico Sapodillas + Chocolate Sapote }


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Love Kimonos

I love Kimonos and I have a pretty serious collection of them going on at the moment. I love that I can dress them up or simply wear them as a beach wrap. Kimonos also make the perfect winter/early spring jacket in Hawaii.

Huelo Kimono by Acacia Swimwear in Pacific 
Find it HERE

Long necklace made with local shells, gold, wood, and some pearls I picked up in Tahiti. 
I've been making a lot of jewelry these days. Who knows, maybe I'll start selling some pieces?

Photo Credit// Carlos Barberis of BECfoto